My history on Web

Everyone has a history. My history on Web started before 10+ years, when i did my first web site on course of the Macromedia Web Designer. I learned how to design static web pages in Fireworks, cut my design and put in html/css.

From Above to now, I learned a lot of things about computers, design and internet.

Now I love to do my websites in WordPress CMS.

I hope so that You know what WordPress CMS means. Dont worry we will learn together about design and wordpress development.

For begginings, here is my old website, i had few of them, but this is still alive.

Here You can see everything about my works, portfolio or codes:
Old designes and codes
Timeline of my wordpress websites

I created my old website on free hosting plan on web service InfinityFree. I used wordpress and wp theme Delizia for realized of website. Everyone who wants to learn how to make own wordpress website can ask me for help.

Here You can see also my works: (Fb fun page)
Shalaedin84 (DeviantArt profile)

Best regards,
Edin Šalja